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12th Sep, 2021

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5th Sep, 2021

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29th Aug, 2021

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22nd Aug, 2021

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15th Aug, 2021

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About the Podcast

Beyond Retirement
This is where you’ll learn how to gain the freedom you figured retirement would bring you.

Are you sick and tired of your 9-5 job…and don't know when (or how) you’ll be able to retire?

You’re not alone…many people have no idea how to prepare to retire. And the internet is full of financial advice, but there's not much about "real life" after retirement.

So the big question is…how can you stop preparing and start living your retirement life today?

This podcast gives you the answer. I'll let you peek behind the curtains while I try to figure out how to live my BEST LIFE. And you’ll also hear from men and women who have cut away the shackles of the traditional 9-5 job. Together we’ll learn HOW they did it – everything from packing the bags to paying the bills – and WHY they did it.

This show isn’t just about the good times, though. Join me as I uncover the good AND the bad…the REAL story about living a life that needs no retirement plan.

About your host

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Jacquie Doucette

Through the years, Jacquie has acquired various skills and knowledge related to having an online presence. She’s used those acquisitions to her advantage and now she helps others prepare for the next stage of life, the one that’s supposed to be the best. She's the founder of BEYOND RETIREMENT, which is both a Top-50 podcast and a movement.

You’ve gained the education, you’ve done “all the things”, but maybe you haven’t quite figured out how to move past the hustle and bustle of that life you’ve been living.

That’s where Jacquie steps in. With her problem-solving skills from her engineering and healthcare background and her experience with a wide array of online programs and platforms, she guides you along the path that will give you the fulfilment you seek in the next stage of your journey.